Vigilance Priced at £125.00
Back to Front Priced at £45.00
Jungle Jewels Priced at £55.00
Savannah Priced at £120.00
Zulu Princess soon to be released as a limited edition print
Forty Winks soon to be released as a limited edition print
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One of the UK's leading pencil Artists
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Mayan Monarch Priced at £145.00
Glen & Karen Carr invite you to take a look inside this website, dedicated to the truly stunning pencil work of David Dancey-Wood.

Glen & Karen, Jetprint owners, have marketed David's work for many years and hold one of the few complete collections in the world, some
75 plus pictures, including three originals.

Mayan Monarch
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Telephone: 01263 761144 or 07833 290666

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Forty Winks
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The Den
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Zulu Princess
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David has given us exclusive rights to sell some of his original drawings on our website.

We are honoured to be able to give our customers the opportunity to own an original work by David.

We are fortunate to be the owner's of three of David's original works, they are, It's a Hard Life,
Admiration and Lemur Line up.

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Back to Front
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Jungle Jewels
1/50 | Awaiting Dimensions  | 225.00
1/21 | 700mm x 500mm  | 165.00
Brand new for winter 2014
An exclusive offer to pre order for a limited few customers only. The edition is limited to only 21 so it will be on a first come first serve basis.
The Den
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Mandy Brown